Meet the Teams

Australia in the 1950s was known as the Golden Age. A time where proud Australians worked to build homes for their families. Homes exactly like the five houses on this season of The Block. Set in the family-friendly suburb of Hampton East, the Blockheads will travel back in time as they tackle the retro homes.

Meet the contestants for The Block 2023.

Kyle & Leslie WA

This married couple met in a nightclub 12 years ago and immediately hit it off. They married in 2014 and are an incredibly strong couple who bounce off each other.

They have two children, Luca, 11, and Archer, 7.

Archer was diagnosed with Autism at two and half years of age.

Kyle and Leslie have applied for The Block five times. Luca said “one last chance” and they ended up getting on the show.

“It’s the ultimate challenge,” Leslie said. “Obviously there is the opportunity of financial reward at the end, but there are the rewards of everything you go through before that.”


Kristy and Brett SA

Together for ten years and married for three, Kristy and Brett are strong characters who will never be far from the action or the drama on The Block this year.

Both are forthright in their opinions and won’t be afraid to stir the pot in Charming Street. They are very structured in their lives and looking forward to the unpredictability of The Block.

“It’s the unknown that is exciting for us,” Kristy said. “In our roles back in Adelaide we have done it for so long, and you don’t get out of your comfort zone. But with this there is such an unknown and we are looking forward to that.”


Leah & Ash QLD

This married couple complement each other very well. Both are sociable, can be the life of the party, and are not afraid to express their opinions.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what we arecapable of,” Leah said. “We’ve done the process of building renovations many, many times, but this is on a whole new level.”

One of the more experienced couples on The Block, this pair have a long history of renovating.

They bought a dilapidated Queenslander recently that they are living in and renovating. Ash had a background in sales before starting his own building company with Leah.

It’s been a chaotic few years, but doing The Block seems like the natural thing to do.


Steph & Gian NSW

At 27, Steph and Gian are our youngest contestants on The Block.

They are childhood sweethearts who met on the school bus in year 7 and have been together ever since.

“We had an instant connection just as friends,” Gian said

They married last year in a glamorous ceremony and are adored by their family and friends.

The couple recently bought and renovated the home they live in now in Sydney, so they are ready for The Block.

“The reason we wanted to go on The Block was because we renovated our house last year and fell in love with the process,” Steph said.

Steph being an architect means they have a strong advantage from the beginning. They have watched the show over the years, and Steph’s family are all in construction.


Eliza & Liberty VIC

These mid-thirties sisters grew up in Adelaide, and now live in Melbourne together, and were as surprised as anyone when they ended up on The Block.

They are very different personalities who complement each other, but are both single and ready to mingle.

Both say they lead great lives, but having the same routine day after day made them approach The Block as their way of stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something different.