As seen in The Block, Enviroseal vapour permeable wrap works to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer by reducing airflow around insulation making it work more effectively.

Did you know that SoundScreen can also been installed in external walls? SoundsSreen is a high-density acoustic insulation that can also double as external wall insulation, as seen on The Block.


The underfloor of a house with suspended flooring is generally the most neglected area of a home when it comes to insulation. While most Australian homes have ceiling insulation and new homes now include wall insulation, an uninsulated underfloor results in additional heat loss and draughts entering through the floor.

Designed to fit snugly between the floor joists of new or existing homes, installing Bradford Optimo underfloor insulation will further restrict heat transfer around your home, maximising your thermal comfort and efficiency.


Usable across tile, slate or metal roof applications, Bradford Enviroseal HTS roof sarking adds an additional layer of protection to your roof and home, shielding it against weather related damage.

This highly durable ” second skin” to your home is high water hold-out and a vapour permeable roof underlay, meaning that it acts as a drainage path if wind driven rain enters into the roof space, while also allowing internally generated water vapour to safely pass through and drain out.


When building a study or home office, it is important to consider the room’s acoustic comfort and privacy. Unwanted noise can enter into the room, which can be distracting while trying to concentrate.


By installing Bradford SoundScreen Insulation, loud unwanted noises are absorbed and reduced to a whisper, keeping your room comfortably quiet while working from home.


Fitting Bradford Enviroseal wall wraps to your home gives you added benefits after construction, as well as during construction. Acting as a second skin around the home, Enviroseal protects your building structure from the elements by shielding the frame and floor from water damage before brick walls and cladding are installed.

Once your home has been built, Enviroseal reduces the risk of mould, rot and decay, by allowing a controlled escape of moisture. Additionally, Enviroseal increases the effiencey of your insulation, maximising its performance.

Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room

With noisy rooms like Laundry’s and Powder/Bathrooms, fitting SoundScreen acoustic insulation into the internal walls is an effective way to ensure minimum disturbance throughout your home.

Effectively reducing loud noises to a whisper, the high-density acoustic insulation fills the space in-between walls absorbing unwanted noise transfer. Keeping your home comfortably quiet for harmonious living.

Living & Dining

With many hours spent in the living and dining room of the home, it is crucial to ensure that these areas are well insulated to maximise comfort throughout the year.

Bradford Gold HP Wall Insulation

The go-to ceiling insulation for homeowners and DIYers, Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Ceiling Batts boasting the highest-rated R-value on the market, and play a key role in creating a welcoming and comfortable home environment


The kitchen is the heart of the home so it is important for it to be a comfortable space. Made from glasswool, installing Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Batts is a highly cost-effective way to keep you thermally comfortable and to save on energy costs.

Bradford Gold HP Wall Insulation

With up to 35% heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer occurring through the ceilings of uninsulated homes, ceiling insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your home naturally comfortable.


Made to withstand Australian conditions, Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Wall Batts boast the highest R-Value ratings. This means that they are the most effective insulation you can have, providing a better level of resistance to heat in your home. This is especially important for bedrooms, where you want to have comfortable temperatures all year round.

Bradford Gold HP Wall Insulation

Requiring no maintenance or replacing, insulation is a highly cost-effective solution to rising energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. By keeping your rooms at a more comfortable temperature, insulation allows you to greatly reduce your energy usage on heating and cooling.

Master Ensuite

Reduce the risk of condensation related mould growth in your home by installing Bradford Enviroseal wall wrap. The vapour permeable wrap allows moisture to escape the inside of the home rather than building up, minimising the risk of mould or rot, wall stains and decay.

Installing Enviroseal wall wraps can also provide an extra level of comfort to your home by keeping it warmer in winter or cooler in summer. Acting as a second skin around the home, draughts through the wall frame and around wall insulation batts are reduced, helping insulation work more efficiently, thus creating a more comfortable home.

Home Theatre

Considering creating a home theatre, or just want a quieter home? Keep your rooms comfortably quiet by installing high density Bradford SoundScreen acoustic insulation to minimise noise transfer between rooms.

Specially engineered for internal walls in new homes, including SoundScreen around noise affected rooms will effectively reduce loud noises to a whisper and ensure harmonious living.

Master Bedroom

One of the most important rooms in the house, special attention is always given to the master bedroom to ensure a calm and peaceful retreat is created. One way this is achieved is by installing Bradford SoundScreen to enhance a room’s acoustic comfort and privacy.

In addition to the thermal performance that regular glasswool batts provide, SoundScreen’s high-density fibres have been designed to greatly reduce unwanted noise transferring through internal walls and mid floors to help keep the peace and your rooms comfortably quiet.

Guest Bedroom

Designing or planning a new room for your guests? Be the host with the most by fitting out the guest room with all the essential features and decorations. Before decorating, ensure that the ceiling and walls of the guest area are well insulated to keep the space nice and cool. Then set a winning ambience with the right mix of paint colour, furniture pieces and accessories to finish it off with the designer touch.

Bradford Gold HP Wall Insulation

Installing Bradford Gold High Performance Ceiling insulation in the roof space above the room keeps it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.

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